Pescatarian Dinner

Pescatarian Dinner

I have been a pescatarian, or sometimes a self-proclaimed “pesca-vegan” for about 5 years now. I really never enjoyed eating meat unless it was carpaccio or very excellently cooked – which is almost never the case. Poultry equally tends to be bitter and overcooked if not prepared for hours in brine. Handling raw meat that harbors hidden e-coli or salmonella is equally distasteful to me.

Of course, the main reason I made the switch is not for the taste or because I hate fish and seafood, but because I love mammals, including lambs, cows and birds of all kinds. It feels so freeing for me to simply not ingest these cute creatures.

At the same time, being completely vegan is a large commitment, as you have to watch your diet very carefully and keep on top of your macro and micronutrients. For this reason becoming pescatarian was the right choice for me. I am able to keep a balanced diet without too much thought or effort. Additionally, cooking fish or seafood at home is quick and easy. This diet also affords me the opportunity to optimize my nutrition by focusing on different vegetables and a healthier selection of foods overall. While I do believe it’s possible to have a balanced diet as a vegan (with supplements), the processed meat substitutions cannot be very healthy.

For those of you who want to eat meat, or feel biologically compelled to, I would suggest researching the American farming industry. We need to be more gentle and make an effort to raise animals for food more humanely. This will be ultimately be healthier for us as humans as well. Switzerland, for example, has very high quality food and equally high quality standards for their cattle. On the other hand, the milk available in the US doesn’t even taste like grass and has very little to no benefits for us to consume as it doesn’t contain the necessary enzymes found in grass.

Yet another issue with the meat here in the US is that it is often sprayed with toxic chemicals (without being disclosed) in effort to avoid contamination. These chemicals may include chlorine, ammonia or carbon monoxide. Some meat is even imported from far away countries which is extremely inefficient, polluting and wasteful. I’m not even mentioning the antibiotics that are pumped into the livestock…

Some of my favorite dinners to make as a pescatarian are quite quick and simple:

Lately I have been broiling salmon with lemon and thyme. I pair the salmon with homemade fries and broiled ochre or broiled broccoli. As always, the trick is to simply salt the vegetables properly. The salmon goes very well with a feta cheese and oregano aioli, as do the fries.

cut & bake with salt & oil at 425

Another quick and delicious dinner is EVOO fried cod with black beans and rice. The cod just needs a little bit of oil, garlic, lemon, soy sauce, spicy mustard, honey and some fresh tasting spices like oregano or thyme. Never overcook seafood. Dice a white onion in with the rice and bean mix for an extra kick. You can even use the extra oil from cooking the fish as a tasty sauce!

Lastly, I like to broil shrimp and eat them diced in a mix of cherry tomatoes and onions. Spice this mix with garlic, lemon, EVOO, salt and a fresh but savory tasting spice. It’s shrimp salsa! I like to eat this with bought tortilla chips or I make my own by broiling soft corn tortillas in the oven with salt and oil.

Some more ideas:

pan-fried polenta with sautéed onions and fresh tomatoes
baked salmon with peas and a baked potato
shrimp salad sandwich on focaccia

With a pescatarian diet the possibilities are endless. Of course you can enjoy pasta, risotto and everything else your heart desires.

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