How to Grow on Instagram in 2023

How to Grow on Instagram in 2023

I had no idea what Instagram was before moving to NYC. I didn’t even have a smart phone until 2014! Once I started modeling, suddenly everyone kept telling me to join Instagram. Eventually I did! I learned the hard way what to do and not to do. Lucky for you, I’m here to teach you so you may learn from my many mistakes. So if you’re wondering how to grow on Instagram in 2023, you’ve come to the right place!

Over the years, I’ve grown my accounts to total almost 100k followers across various platforms and to over 50k on Instagram alone. Many people have asked me how to grow on Instagram. I’ve decided to share my top five tips with you!

How to grow on Instagram in 2023

1. Find an authentic niche. There’s so much competition on social media that it’s necessary to subcategorize yourself on Instagram and other platforms. My niche is being both a model and a sustainability advocate. Of course, this isn’t all that I am but it’s what I most often highlight on my platform.

2. Engage with others in your niche daily. To grow on Instagram especially, it’s not enough to just post. You have to continually engage on the platform. A good strategy is 9x9x9. Engage with 9 posts within 9 different hashtags of your niche by liking and commenting on 9 of their pics.

3. Image is everything. Make sure your images are superior quality. Social media is typically a visually driven medium. Never post anything blurry at the start. This includes using up to date technology to take the photos and edit them (without being fake or cartoonish).

4. Say something. Be thoughtful or funny and express yourself in the captions! It may seem like it doesn’t matter, but it certainly helps with engagement to ask a direct question or to start a conversation.

5. Follow the algorithmic trends. Reels are being pushed hard for small accounts right now. You can achieve a lot of growth through posting them as they’ve been given a lot of real estate on explore. On the other hand, stories don’t allow follows anymore. For a short period of time it was possible to gain followers through posting stories. Since they’re no longer featured in explore, they do not contribute to growth unless you tag someone who reposts.

Bonus: quality over quantity. It’s more important to have interactive and relevant followers than it is to have a high number. Don’t get sucked into only posting what gets the most likes, also post quality content that represents the following you desire.

These are my top tips to grow your Instagram account in 2023! Hopefully we all can achieve our social media goals this year. Please let me know your best tips!

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    Such great advice for private and business for social media success! You are brilliant yet again!!!

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