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The Magnetism of Steel and Its Induced Charge

Steel, a common alloy of iron and carbon, is known for its remarkable magnetic properties when exposed to a magnetic field. This phenomenon, often referred to as ferromagnetism, is a result of the arrangement of its atomic and molecular structure. When steel is exposed to a magnetic field, it becomes magnetized and carries an induced …

Local Trees of New York City

New York City, widely known as the concrete jungle, is home to a surprising diversity of trees that contribute to its urban ecosystem. From iconic street-lined sycamores to hidden gems in the city’s parks, these trees play a crucial role in beautifying the landscape, improving air quality, and providing habitats for various species. Additionally, understanding …

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Supply Chain Link to Deforestation

Big brands such as Coach, LVMH, Prada, H&M, Zara, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Teva, UGG and Fendi have multiple connections to an industry that props up Amazon deforestation. Research from 2021 shows that the fashion industry’s complex global supply chain is putting us all at risk by negatively impacting the Amazon rainforest, also known as …

Marketplace of the Future with Made Safe

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly high priority with American consumers. On Friday Sept 23th, Marketplace of the Future debuted its 6th annual pop-up event in NYC’s Starrett-Lehigh Building.

How to Extend the Life of your Clothes

Less is more when washing your clothes – especially with more natural fabrics like denim, silk and wool. There are some items that you will still need to wash after each wear (i.e. underwear, sweaty shirt or shirts) and that’s okay! But the majority can be worn more than once before washing.

5 Best Sustainable Restaurants in Manhattan, NYC

Regularly trying new “hotspots” is one of the best things about living in Manhattan. You’ll soon find that certain restaurants stand above the rest as far as taste, service and presentation. New Yorker’s love amazing dining experiences! Here’s your cheat-sheet list of spots to try on your next vacation, compiled by a local. If you care about sustainable agriculture and our planetary resources but still have a lust for delectable delights, read on to discover the top sustainable restaurants in Manhattan.

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Picking a Sustainable Coffee to Brew

How can we know which coffee brands are committed to environmental and social best practices? While there are hundreds of coffee varieties available today, there are select brands that take the crown when it comes to ethical and social principles.

Natural Nuance Sustainable Bags

Unlike conventional chromium, the right kinds of plant-based tanning agents like those from the mimosa tree, tara tree and valonia, have limited negative impact on the environment. From the tanning process to the treatment of the waste water, to the disposal or repurposing of old leather, the use of plant-based tanning agents heavily reduces the magnitude of environmental problems that can arise from chrome tanning.

Top 10 Sustainable Thanksgiving Ideas

This is the true meaning of Thanksgiving, isn’t it? Be grateful for what you already have!

Top 5 Sustainable Halloween Ideas

Halloween can produce a lot of waste, but it doesn’t have to be so! Read about my top 5 simple sustainable Halloween ideas.