Marketplace of the Future with Made Safe

Marketplace of the Future with Made Safe

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly high priority with American consumers. On Friday Sept 23th, Marketplace of the Future debuted its 6th annual pop-up event in NYC’s Starrett-Lehigh Building.

Marketplace of the Future

The pop-up took place during climate week and was an official partner of Climate Week NYC. The event showcased sustainable innovations from many different vendors and nonprofits. The space was airy and large, overlooking the water.

There were so many different stations in the large space. In fact, Amy Ziff was in attendance representing nonprofit Made Safe, which provides certification for non-toxic products. Vendors each had their own booths and then in another large room there was a lounge and panel discussion area. They did a great job decorating the lounge with greenery!

Marketplace of the Future

The panels provided great information on how to be more mindful of human and planetary health. The amount of information at the event was almost overwhelming. So many clever ideas and new products were presented during the day. There were even great new approaches to staples like chocolate. Wind-power was used for transporting the ingredients instead of jet fuel!

Vendors displayed information on everything from composting, battery storage, carbon capture, green hydrogen, Ocean restoration, reforestation, solar energy, and more. The commercial products were no less interesting or informative! Everyone was very friendly and more than happy to explain about their booth.

Recycling station marketplace of the Future

The evening featured live music, product samples, an open bar, informative panels and NYC skyline views. Attendees were given $20 to go towards their first ride-share with the Revel App in order to get to the showcase.

Marketplace of the Future lemons

Guests included anyone and everyone interested in sustainability or better business practices. Some notable attendees included models Dominyka Bernes, Olesia Anisimovich, Robyn Williamson and more. In its essence, the Marketplace of the Future was a lively snapshot of the current situation of commercial innovation and sustainability.

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