Glamour Bulgaria Cover with Brana Dane

Glamour Bulgaria Cover with Brana Dane

Brana Dane’s first solo cover for Glamour Magazine was released this September. The cover and editorial, “Fall’s Fashion Story” explores themes of autumn, color and change. The article and interview can be read in the original Bulgarian online in Glamour.

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The English translation is as follows for your reading convenience:

Brana Dane (born June 30, 1996) is an American model and activist. She was discovered at the age of 14 by the top agent in Toronto but only started modeling years later in NYC. The young American has worked for brands such as Maison Margiela, Matrix Biolage, Samantha Sung, Milly, Marisol Deluna, Bao Tranchi and Dennis Basso. She has been seen in numerous fashion publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and WWD. In 2018, Brana posed for the cover editorial of Porter Magazine (Porter Edit). She has walked for designers such as Stello, Bohn JSell, Adolfo Sanchez, Stella Nolasco and opened the show for Pelush at New York Fashion Week.


The model has spoken about sustainability and becoming more mindful of the Earth at major NYC rallies, worldwide talks, and on her social media.


From 2017-2019, she co-hosted the Amazon Prime TV program, Fashion News Live, alongside Carmen Carerra. In February 2022, Brana spoke as an expert on the fashion industry for the largest TV Chanel in Switzerland, SRF. It became one of their top 10 most watched documentaries.


She confesses that as a child she did not dream of a career as a model, but was planning to become a doctor and even was accepted to attend St Andrew’s medical school.


What do you love about what you do?


I love working with artists in order to fulfill their vision. In fashion, we co-create constantly. I love this process because I am an artist myself. I get to work with so many interesting and talented individuals. There’s always something new to learn or experience and no workday is exactly the same. Moreover, it’s always a fun surprise to see the final images!


I also love the opportunity to create community within the modeling industry. I have arranged many small meet-ups and industry related projects in order to foster an atmosphere of collaboration between models.


How would you describe your work?


As a model, I am a chameleon. I can become so many different types of girls during a shoot. Modeling is an interactive art form. You collaborate with a team in order to fulfill the creative vision. It’s not just posing for the camera; it’s knowing angles, rhythm and the visual language of fashion.


What’s your trademark?


My trademark is that I’m not just a model, I’m a “superolemodel”. I use my platform to uplift and inspire empathy. What good is having influence if you don’t use it? I believe as models we are ambassadors of beauty, both inside and out. Let’s not forget to use our inner beauty!


On a more superficial level, I’m known for my natural brows, Cupid’s bow lips and long legs.


I’m sure you have so many, but what have been your most favorite moments in your career?


There are so many awesome moments from my career so far! One of the most fun was walking the runway in front of seven thousand fans in Times Square for the 2017 live iifa awards show (Bollywood Oscars). I’ve also walked at New York Fashion Week for designers such as Dennis Basso, Stello and Stella Nolasco, even opening the show for Pelush. Another highlight was modeling for the cover editorial of Porter Magazine (Porter Edit) in 2018. I’m also proud to be a featured face in photographer Carlota Guerrero’s hardcover book, published in 2021 by Prestel.


What is one thing you have to do before you start a workday and why?


First of all, I need coffee! Then I check my important accounts for urgent communications. If everything is under control, I take some time for myself and make sure to have a healthy breakfast. If I have the time, I meditate for a few minutes before my day officially starts. Lastly, I make sure to check my model bag before heading out the door. I always bring a strapless nude bra, some lip balm, a changing veil and a reusable water bottle!


What have you watched/heard/read lately that has inspired you?


Last February, I was lucky enough to be a speaker for the worldwide Fashinnovation talks. I loved speaking about fashion and sustainability, but I enjoyed listening even more! The talk by Norma Kamali was very inspirational in particular. She talked about staying true to yourself as a woman, which resonated deeply with me.


Tell us more about your work as a model and any other projects that are close to your heart?


My first published shoots were very creative images incorporating flowers for Vogue Italia. So far in my career, I have enjoyed working for brands like Maison Margiela, Matrix Biolage, Samantha Sung, Herno, Bao Tranchi, Adolfo Sanchez, Marisol Deluna, Milly, and Dennis Basso. Every designer has a unique vision and I feel honored to bring it to life.


Aside from modeling, I’m also an activist for the conservation of the environment. In fact, I gave the keynote speech for the official NYC Earth Day Rally in 2019 and have created numerous social media campaigns in concert with the Freelancers Union, the Model Mafia, Lonely Whale, Rainforest Alliance, the NY Governor’s Office, Lower Drug Prices Now and many other prominent organizations. In 2017, I was even captured marching in DC for the environment by photographer Gabriela Celeste, published in Galmour US.


Notably, I also worked as a TV host going behind the scenes at fashion week for the fashion program, Fashion News Live on Amazon Prime. It was great to get a different perspective on the industry. My co-host Carmen Carrera was a delight!


What’s one thing people may be surprised to find out about you?


I was a very studious child; I would stay in all day and read! Because of this, I ended up skipping grade 6. Both my parents were valedictorians, so I guess it’s genetic! In fact, I was even accepted into St Andrew’s medical school and originally intended to be a doctor.


What do you hope for the future of the fashion industry?


As a visual artist and published poet, I appreciate the artistry of fashion and I hope we preserve it. I would love to see more support for companies who want to develop sustainable practices. I also hope that in the future all garment workers will be payed a living wage and have safe working conditions.


I also hope that there are more safeguards for models from unscrupulous individuals. In February, I spoke about this on TV as an expert for a news documentary, which aired on the largest TV Channel in Switzerland, SRF. It was one of their ten most watched programs. I described how the fashion industry can better protect models from going down the wrong path.


What are some of your goals for this year?


This year I want to work on more editorials with great teams. I want to be inspired by amazing talent, which is why I love modeling in the first place. More cover shoots!


As an activist, I want to help with local environmental clean-up efforts and I want to continue to create community within the modeling industry; both endeavors are close to my heart.


I want to also expand my platform, through social media and my blog. Further into the future, I want to publish a short book of poems with my accompanying art.


Model: Brana Dane

Agency: Genetics Model Management/WeSpeak Model Management/EPR

Instagram: @branadane


Twitter: @branadane

TikTok: @branadane



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