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Non-Toxic Nails

Have you ever wondered why a typical nail salon smells so strongly of chemicals? The answer is simple: nail polish usually contains lots of harmful chemicals! Many of the common ingredients used are carcinogenic, such as formaldehyde. I would encourage you to limit the number of harmful chemicals that you apply to your body because …

Blockchain, Elon Musk and Climate Change

Just the other day Elon Musk sent Bitcoin tumbling by announcing Tesla would in fact not not take the popular cryptocurrency as payment. Everyone has heard stories of people getting rich in the last several years from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, have you heard of the environmental impacts of these currencies? The …

Box of vegetables basic life skills

Earth Day 2021: 6 Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably

Locally sourced food supplies reduce the amount of wasted energy used in transportation. Foods are often coming from thousands of miles away! Eating locally means that your food will also be fresher and more nutritious.

Eco Friendly Dryer Sheets

We all love clothes that smell clean. However, did you know there are some real drawbacks to conventional dryer sheets and fabric softener? Eco friendly dryer sheets are the alternative. Reasons to DIY or Buy Clean & Sustainable: 1. Reduced Environmental Impact: Traditional dryer sheets contain chemicals and synthetic fragrances that can harm the environment …

Inspiring Instagram Filters

A list of the most interesting and inspiring Instagram augmented reality filters.

Wines, Then and Now (not a poem)

Thousands of years after the first fermentation of grain in China, the Babylonians have now developed a fermented grape beverage and even worship a wine goddess. Alcoholic beverages have long been associated with socializing and ritual, but in our time we now know the scientific benefits of moderate drinking.

Self-care Activities

Self-care is more than just indulgence. It means showing yourself the same love and attention you would show a loved one. It’s a very important practice to cultivate especially during trying or socially isolated times.

How to Make Perfume at Home

Don’t laugh, but modern perfume goes all the way back to agent Egypt and the god Nefertum, who was said to be a beautiful young man with the scent of white roses always wafting around him.

Holiday DIY Gift Guide

I hope you try out some of these fun and simple DIY gifts. Making them yourself is not only fun but produces much less waste than buying packaged gifts from a store.

The Cost of Fast Fashion; 5 Ways to Dress Sustainably

Sustainability is not just another new trend, but a revolution that was long overdue. While fast fashion has made clothes available to us at cheaper prices, it has come with huge costs.