Top 10 Hidden Parks in NYC

Top 10 Hidden Parks in NYC

New Yorkers love their parks like a rare treasure. They serve as much needed respite when living in the concrete jungle. New Yorker’s take nature seriously, and as a result, there are a number of wonderful parks throughout New York City. Aside from the obvious Central Park, let’s get to the small green treasures and flower fields. Here are my top 10 favorite green spaces in New York City.

1. Paley Park

Top 10 Hidden Parks in NYC

Tucked away in a small hidden spot in Midtown Manhattan is Paley Park, one of New York’s hidden garden gems. The park has been recognized as one of the best urban green areas in the United States and it is easy to see why. Paley was a revolutionary design for urban design when it opened in 1967. It’s a great spot to enjoy a snack or meet with friends.

2. Sutton Place Park

Top 10 Hidden Parks in NYC

Another hidden gem in Manhattan, Sutton Place Park, is a secluded spot with excellent views of Queensboro Bridge.

3. Conservatory Garden

Top 10 Hidden Parks in NYC

Located on the Upper East Side, near 5th Avenue and 105th Street, this six-acre formal garden in Central Park is off the beaten track but still worth the trip. This is a very well maintained and manicured area of Central Park boasting many different species of flower.

4. The Pool

Oh wow!

At the Northwest side of Central Park this green space features a pond with many willow trees. Super convenient for meet-ups and reconnecting. Also very romantic and ideal for picnics 🧺!

5. Great Hill

Top 10 Hidden Parks in NYC
Perfect post pandemic reunion spot

Public restrooms! A great spot for a group picnic or a long-awaited birthday reunion. The Great Hill is located at the Northwest corner of Central Park.

6. Elizabeth Street Garden

Top 10 Hidden Parks in NYC

Located downtown in SoHo, Elizabeth Street Garden is a gorgeous community project. There are lion statues and many bird baths. Overall it has a bit of a kitchy feeling. The perfect spot to read on a warm Sunday.

7. Gramercy Park

Top 10 Hidden Parks in NYC

Gramercy Park is relatively small but very pristine as it’s not open for the general public. Only those people residing in the townhomes around the park who pay an annual fee have a key to get in. Located in the heart of Gramercy this is New York’s most notoriously hard to access park.

8. The Ravine

Top 10 Hidden Parks in NYC

Located deep in the center of Prospect Park, this lush woodland is Brooklyn’s only forest. Designed with Adirondack landscapes in mind, the Ravine is as an oasis of winding trails, waterfalls, rustic bridges and even a small gorge. If you’re looking for wildlife in Brooklyn, this is the place to find it.

9. Greenacre Park

Greenacre Park

Sandwiched between Second and Third Avenues at east 51st Street is a great spot to stop and have a brown bag lunch. Designed by Hideo Sasaki and opened in 1971 the park was conceived and developed by Greenacre Foundation, which privately owns and maintains the popular site. Greenacre Foundation was founded by Abby Rockefeller Mauzé.

10. Riverside Park

Top 10 Hidden Parks in NYC

On the Upper West Side of Manhattan, this park is less populated than Central Park but just as green! It boasts great running trails and picturesque views along the water.

In addition to hidden parks, there are many rooftop gardens and waterfront bike paths among other green spaces found throughout the city. Find your favorite spot that offers a pleasant escape to nature! It’s so important for good physical and mental health. There are lovely hidden spaces are in various corners of the city. Seek and ye shall find!

What are your favorite spots? Have I missed any? Comment below.

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