6 Easy Ways to Gift Sustainably

6 Easy Ways to Gift Sustainably

Who doesn’t love to receive a thoughtful gift?
“Gifts” is my second highest love language and I probably got it from my grandma! I remember receiving packages as a toddler and it was so exciting. Gifting for adults can be trickier though because our tastes get so specific and we usually already have most of what we want or need. I love it when I have the opportunity to give a thoughtful gift because the trick is to simply pay attention to what your person likes and needs.

What are some eco friendly gift ideas?

1. Give a gift certificate for an experience, such as a meal out to a local restaurant or to a coffee shop. The lady in your life would probably love a mani pedi! Small business is really struggling these days and this gift is sure to delight!

2. Grow and gift a plant. Not only is this a decorative gift but it’s also a health conscious gift as plants purify our air. It’s even more special when you’ve grown the plant yourself from a seedling. Some ideas: rosemary, mint or thyme plants.

3. Gift from Etsy or your town merchants! Handcrafted gifts are great because they’re often customizable and also one of a kind. You can often have them engraved with a special note as well. This is also a great way to support and keep alive local crafts and traditions.

4. Gift classes! Again, there are a lot of businesses that suffered this year. You can gift a yoga class, cooking class or anything you think your loved one may be interested in.

5. Buy sustainable wine and recycle the bottle! This is pretty self explanatory, buy a sustainably produced wine and gift it!

6. Write a story about a special memory you shared together or a write a short poem! For example, during Christmas 2018 I published a simple story online about my mother’s Christmas traditions. I knew she would love it as one of her top love languages is words of affirmation!

Bonus: anything that is actually needed is many times more sustainable to gift than a trinket that may not be useful to the person. Simply asking for gift ideas may be a step in the right direction.

Gifts are a great way to express the bond you have with another person. The trick is to listen and to pay attention to what they like. A great way to melt their heart is to give them something with special meaning between the two of you or something special related to their childhood.

What are your best gift ideas?

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