Healthy Substitutes for Fall Recipes

Healthy Substitutes for Fall Recipes

There’s nothing better than a home cooked meal made with care by someone you love.

Everyone wants to eat healthier but no one wants to sacrifice taste. There are simple tricks to make any recipe or sweet treat 🍬 healthier and often also vegan!

My five favorite healthy recipe substitutes:

1. How do you reduce fat in a recipe? Applesauce instead of oil in baking. You can try replacing half the oil or ALL of the oil in your favorite baked goods. I like to make pumpkin bread using this healthy trick! Just make sure it’s unsweetened otherwise you’ll end up with too much sweetness. Overall, for every cup of oil replaced with applesauce, you will save 1800 calories and 220 grams of fat. Divide these numbers by the number of servings to know the difference per serving.

2. Use less sweetener! Practically every recipe I try in the US is overwhelmingly sweet. Practice cleansing your palette by sipping coffee or tea in between bites and this will definitely aid in your efforts to eat healthier.

3. Date paste instead of sugar! Dates are a good source of nutrients, including fiber, potassium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6, and carotenoid and polyphenol antioxidants. Replacing the sugar in a recipe with date paste is overall much healthier. Refined sugar has little to no nutritional value. You can use date paste in baked goods or even some other recipes (like stir fry) whenever sugar is called for in a 1/1 ratio.

4. Water instead of oil and baking instead of frying. When you’re pan frying dinner you can actually use water instead of oil. Many recipes that call for frying can actually be baked instead. Take for example falafel. You can both choose to either bake or fry falafel.

5. Nut milk instead of cows milk or cream. This is quite an easy substitution to make as it’s always made in a 1/1 ratio. You can make this recipe substitution in baking recipes or drink recipes. It doesn’t work very well for meat eaters because the milk contains acids which actually breaks down the toughness in the meat. In those recipes a better substitution would be another diluted acid such as water and apple cider vinegar.

Please let me know what you’re healthy recipe tricks are!

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