Top 10 Sustainable Thanksgiving Ideas

Top 10 Sustainable Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to share unforgettable experiences with others. If you make the most of what you have, you are well on the way to a healthy and enjoyable Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends. Have you ever wondered how bad Thanksgiving is for the environment? Consider a few of the following tips to make this year’s Thanksgiving the most sustainable yet.

1. Know your Portions

Plan ahead. To make sure edible foods don’t end up in the trash, don’t buy too much and know the portion sizes you need in advance of shopping.

2. Re-Purpose Leftovers

Top 10 sustainable Thanksgiving ideas

Turn leftovers into delicious meals: turkey bones can make an amazing soup and leftover mashed potatoes can make fried potato pancakes for breakfast! Of course, don’t forget the classic leftover sandwich.

3. Compost

Composting is incredible for your soil and a great way to deal with excess food waste. Help combat food waste on Thanksgiving by tidying up your plate and serving your scraps to the compost.

4. Consume Less Meat

Top 10 sustainable Thanksgiving ideas

Eating less meat is one of the most impactful choices you can make to help reduce climate change and conserve natural habitats.

5. Ditch the Plastic Tableware

Top 10 sustainable Thanksgiving ideas

Washing tableware can be annoying, but it is also a way to reduce the use of wasteful plastic and paper products.

6. Store Food in Glass

Instead of using plastic wrap use glass containers like Pyrex.

7. Buy Organic & Seasonal

Top 10 sustainable Thanksgiving ideas

Organic food is better for our planet’s soil and for our health. Pesticides used in conventional farming have been linked to potentially developing numerous health issues.

8. Clean Up Right

Don’t forget to use cloth towels instead of paper and non-toxic cleaner instead of bleach.

9. Decorate with Gourds

Top 10 sustainable Thanksgiving ideas

Don’t buy plastic and disposable decorations. Make your own classy and decomposable Thanksgiving decorations by using leaves, mini pumpkins, dried corn and gourds.

10. Be Grateful

With the abundance of food on tables across America, Thanksgiving has become a day of food waste. One of the best ways to be sustainable on Thanksgiving Day is to recognize what we already have and to be thankful 🙏 for it. This is the true meaning of Thanksgiving, isn’t it? Be grateful for what you already have!

I hope this list inspired you to follow a more sustainable Thanksgiving plan this year. Let me know how you like to celebrate below!

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