How to Get the Body of a Model

How to Get the Body of a Model

How do I get a model body? As a model myself, I often get asked just this.

In fact, I’ve had countless friends ask me repeatedly how they can shape-up and if there are any quick fixes to loosing weight. They never like the advice I give. It’s too simple! There’s no one quick fix to getting the body of a model; certainly being healthy means that everyone naturally settles at different weights, genetically. That being said, here are my insider’s tips to getting in shape and staying there:

1. Walk, don’t run. This is probably my number one tip to get the body of a model, and was told to me by a top agent. Power walking is much better for your joints, your skin and your physique. Over time, running regularly eventually causes all kinds of joint issues and facial wrinkles. In the short term, it also has the potential to bulk you up depending on your body type. Power walking is much gentler and more effective for shedding pounds without gaining muscle.

How to get the body of a model brana Dane

2. Eat smaller portions more frequently. Eating more frequently is known to keep your metabolism high. Obviously the portions need to become smaller in order to keep your calorie count at optimal levels. To get that model body you also need to keep your energy levels high and healthy!

How to get the body of a model

3. Eat a high fiber diet. I mean high! Fiber traps and clears the fat and other high calorie particles from your system. This is one of the many reasons it’s important to opt for veggies and fruits.

Brana Dane how to get the body of a model

4. Indulge, don’t binge. If you want to have a few meals a week that aren’t super healthy, it’s fine. Don’t binge an entire cake because you’ve deprived yourself too long.

How to get the body of a model brana Dane

5. Hit a variety of classes. Try a Pilates, spin, yoga or HITT class 2-3 times a month. Always keep it different so your body never fully adjusts to one type of movement. Our bodies are genetically designed to conserve energy. The body can get really good at doing just that during the same activity, over and over again. This is why it can help to view classes as fun challenge instead of something to master. Enjoy the variety! Pilates and yoga are great to build long, lean muscle strength without bulking. Spinning and HITT are great for this too if done sparingly and without heavy resistance. For example, I never use the arm weights during any of my spin classes. The only arm exercises I find helpful are light resistance movements for the triceps.

Brana Dane how to get the body of a model

6. Make sure you know your BMI and calorie requirements. These can easily be found online by entering in your current height, age and weight. It’s not necessary to count calories, but you do need to know the ballpark of what your body requires. Remember, as a woman you’ll require up to 600 extra calories a day a week prior to your monthly cycle.

Bonus: weight management! Have a glass of wine, beer or anything! So many models I know try not to drink because they don’t want to consume the extra calories. However, if you’re already at an optimal weight, drinking a glass of wine will help you to maintain your figure. If you’re in the process of loosing weight it can be helpful to hold of on alcohol. Processing alcohol takes priority over processing fat in the liver; thus consuming alcohol can theoretically slow weight loss.

Consistency and imperfection is the way to win! Keep going and you’ll see the difference. You can have the body of a model, but better – your own optimal body! Don’t compare yourself to others. The images you see on social media are edited to be unnaturally thin (especially at the waist) 90% of the time. Don’t fall into that trap, be happy with your real, human, body.

These tips are intended as inspiration to achieve a healthy and sustainably rockin’ bod, but if you’re struggling with a weight problem the first place you should go is your doctor to rule out physical issues.

Body positivity and health are the most important. Curves are beautiful and if you want to emulate a curve-model, that’s awesome too!

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