Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Midsummer Gala

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Midsummer Gala

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research hosted their annual midsummer gala this past Thursday at the Classic Car Club in Manhattan, NYC. In support of Denise Rich’s Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, several artists, including myself, donated works valued at $5000 or more to raise money for the cause. Artwork from around the globe was featured in the silent auction listed online at Some of the artists this year included LoveChild and Nick Moss. For more information on the auction click here.

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Midsummer Gala

The event sold out early and managed to exceeded all fundraising goals. The funds raised will be used to support children with cancer while also benefitting Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation music therapy programs across the United States.

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Midsummer Gala

Guests sported their finest “floral black tie” and received gift bags full of beauty products. The gala was hosted by beauty blogger Emira D’spain. Other notable guests included Brana Dane, Marina Dojchinov, LoveChild, Brooks Nader, Michelle Madonna and Lepa Galeb-Roskopp. Guests enjoyed dancing the night away to the beats of DJ Zeke Thomas and DJ Etienne Deyans. Andrew Warren spoke to the crowd after guests enjoyed a performance by a ring dancer, and took snaps on the step and repeat. Sponsors of the evening included Misahara Jewelry, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Hamptons Water wines, and Calirosa Tequila.

Gabrielle’s Angel Midsummer Gala

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation is a significant non-governmental source of financial support for blood cancer research within the US. The foundation also works closely with the art world to fund original programs such as music therapy across the country. Their mission is to research novel treatments for patients suffering from various forms of cancer. For more information on Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation click here.


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    You look so feminine and gorgeous with your flowers! that blue dress is stunning – so chic and romantic at the same time! Summer Love!

  2. future100100 says:

    Looks like an amazing event with the superstar Brana Dane!! Love it!

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