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Caravan Wellness Teacher

Brana is a model and self-taught artist. She shares the potential of creative expression in her workshops geared towards body-appreciation within the fashion industry. As one of the only ways to process emotion non-verbally, art holds a very special place in life’s healing journey. Brana discovered this gift for herself many years ago and now …

Chashama Annual Art Gala

I was honored to be chosen as a featured artist by Anita and her team at Chashama to do my artwork at their annual gala this year. Chashama is a non-profit that pairs unused/in-flux real-estate with working artists in NYC and the surrounding boroughs. My process is quite complex and involves using acrylics to paint …

The Power of Art Therapy – Fashion industry workshops

Bana does workshops within the fashion industry using art to promote emotional healing and body appreciation. Read more on

Art Therapy with SupeRoleModels

Check out this video about art therapy with SuperRoleModels. Video by Victor Medina San Andres. Sponsored by Space For Anything

Solo show and live performance at 3Squared Gallery in Chelsea

PopImpressKA Journal and Art Couture is the Official Sponsor for this event: On April 4th 2017 Brana Dane and Sandy Ramirez will present past works at Chelsea Gallery 3Squared, as part of an ongoing collaboration, as well as demonstrating the complex process used to create these works, live for guests. See more at Pop Impress …

Interview with German brand Anne Wolf on art and fashion

We worked together with Brana Dane for a photoshoot in New York this Year. Here we want to introduce you to a very talented person: Brana Dane is an accomplished model and artist. As an artist she has had her works exhibited in multiple galleries including the Tribeca Art Factory (as seen on Pix 11 …

Live Painting at the Tribeca Art Factory as seen on PIX 11

It’s colorful! “It really inspires me,” one guest said. It’s creative! “It’s really fascinating to see the artist in action” another smiled. It’s collaborative! “It’s really cool because you don’t know what’s going to happen next,” a guest said. And it all happens live, Fridays at Tribeca Art Factory.   See more on PIX 11