Chashama Annual Art Gala

Chashama Annual Art Gala

I was honored to be chosen as a featured artist by Anita and her team at Chashama to do my artwork at their annual gala this year. Chashama is a non-profit that pairs unused/in-flux real-estate with working artists in NYC and the surrounding boroughs.

My process is quite complex and involves using acrylics to paint abstract symbols on an art model after layers of other materials have been applied in effort to produce the desired texture on a sculptural form. The final artwork lies in the prints made from the abstract pictures of this textured application.

As you may guess, this is a highly engaging process to watch and is a form of performance art in itself. I have done this in studio, without an audience on occasion, but it seems like a wasted opportunity to interact with an audience.

As for the gala in general, the party did not disappoint. We had two unused floors of an iconic, highly secure building, with which to weave our magic. From a woman who literally ate your sin, by having you write it on paper, then consuming it… to an acrobatic troupe roaming in between the many static installations, this was not your usual gala.

I was happy to be an official host for the afterparty this year, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!


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