My Birthday in NYC

Birthdays are also a rare opportunity for all your favorite people to be in the same place at the same time! I love to through my own parties even though it’s a lot of work because the experience is so rare! Even so, you may find yourself asking when the time comes, how should I celebrate my birthday in NYC? Or, where can I take my birthday in NYC?

Models Self-Love Video

Take it from these five models who have been around the block. They share some of their favorite self love regimens that they make time for in the midst of their hectic career. (Because let’s face it, when your job revolves around other’s judgements on your outward appearance, you’ve seen some shit).

“You learn to look at your image and your body in a very clinical and cold way,” says Brana Dane, and “it becomes very difficult to take all of that criticism, especially if you don’t have ways to appreciate yourself,” says Kyle Kellogg.

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Midsummer Gala

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research hosted their annual midsummer gala this past Thursday at the Classic Car Club in Manhattan, NYC. In support of Denise Rich’s Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, several artists, including myself, donated works valued at $5000 or more to raise money for the cause. Artwork from around the globe was featured in the silent …

Elucid Magazine Fashion Feature

Elucid  Magazine discusses Brana’s rising star and various achievements over the last few years.

What is Micro-Cheating?

Relationships are the most rewarding and, at times, the most challenging part of life. To have a successful and long lasting relationship, not only do you have to put work into understanding your chosen partner but you have to know yourself. Knowing your personal boundaries and the boundaries of your relationship is of the utmost …

Transcript of Brana’s “Better World” Podcast Interview

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about, but should?
Brana: A lot of people don’t know that over 70% of textiles produced end up burnt or in landfills. There’s this idea that items are getting donated or recycled, but the numbers don’t lie. Another major issue is food waste. The resources involved in food production are immense and 40% of the food produced is wasted before it even reaches us. This is incredibly inefficient.

Brana Dane Seen in Vogue for “White Noise”

Brana Dane was seen in Vogue posing for designer Taku Yhim. He was featured in the article as one of a few a new designers spotlighted as having the most potential.

Quoted as an Expert by Zero Waste Lifestyle System

And I must agree with Brana Dane that the government can be slowpokes. The model says, “Government can be slow-moving and the limitation is that it can be too slow to react to a constantly changing landscape of new technology and new products. It takes a while to get environmental emergencies the proper attention. Getting a law passed is a process as well.” And these claims are undeniable. You can knock on their doors and they’ll only give you ‘assurance’ of their support yet weeks had passed and still nothing.

Authority Magazine’s Editor’s List

Our world needs so much healing today. There are many visionaries who have stood up and helped inspire others to make a significant difference.
Celebrities have often used their platform to help promote social impact causes. Notable examples are Live Aid, Farm Aid, Live Earth, One Love Manchester, and there are of course countless more. Authority Magazine started an interview series called Stars Making A Social Impact. We featured many stars who are using their platform to promote a positive social change, social impact cause, or a charity. Some of the stars we interviewed put together some fantastic videos sharing their five tips. Please enjoy these videos and interviews below.

How to Communicate When Emotionally Triggered

The trick to being able to predict your emotional response lies in your ability to connect the dots. When you feel upset, ask yourself ‘why?’ Notice which thoughts keep coming up for you in different situations throughout your life; ask yourself, what belief or fear is underlying the negative emotions? Only you can do this work for yourself, everyone has different triggers and different reasons for being emotionally triggered.