Summertime Birthday

Summertime Birthday

Summer babies are tasked with the special assignment of taking full advantage of the good weather by hosting a big celebration. In the past two years I’ve started hosting a smaller dinner party and a larger group party on consecutive days to accommodate everyone in my life. I usually invite those closest to me to the dinner and treat them! Suffice to say, Cancer season is here – and this was one of my best celebrations yet!

Summertime birthday

I view my summertime birthday as a small contribution to my social circle and I’m so grateful for all the friends who show me they care on the special day! Some do brunch every Spring, others take Christmas… I host on my birthday every year!

Elea Greek nyc restaurant

Dinner at Eléa this year was truly amazing and a festive spot to celebrate. A Greek-inspired atmosphere on the Upper West Side.

Seafood elea upper west side and

The food was delicious and the seafood was perfect! A wise choice for this pescatarian. My favorite dish was probably the tuna tartare, followed closely by the oh-so-moist halibut.

Birthday dinner party at elea nyc Dinner guests included (left to right) Marina Dojchinov, Lauren Joie, (Brana Dane), Megha Bajaj and Alisa Obrivanova.

Cold plunge spa 88

But no summertime birthday would be complete without a trip to the spa! This year I tried Spa 88 in Financial District with a couple friends. I was transported to a different time and place. The sauna and cold plunge were my absolute favorites, with an affordable day fee of $55 for the facilities.

Birthday celebration

Later in the evening the three of us made our way to the larger celebration. My dear friend Robert agreed to host me and my friends in his beautiful apartment overlooking the Empire State Building. The main celebration boasted a menu of cocktails including French 75, Aperol Spritz, Espresso Martini, Watermelon Margarita and Amaretto Sour. Champagne with a lemon twist was also served after the champagne sabering!

Brana Dane’s birthday

My birthday twin Adam and my longtime friend Chris also helped to contribute with food and cakes for the crowd.

Birthday guests

I was so happy to be around good friends and just celebrate without worry. All positive energy! There were even two cakes this year. Lady M makes delectable confections. Guests included Mie Iwatsuki, Patrik Andersson, Janel Tanna, Marisa Roper and many more!

Brana Dane’s birthday

Special thanks to my two photographers for the evening, Rob Klein and Adam Lein.


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    Love your post and your birthday. You are so beautiful and amazing. A super star super model!!

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