Simply Comfortable Summer Outfits

Simply Comfortable Summer Outfits

I love comfort! In all things 🤓. Fashion so often means pain, but let’s work around that bothersome idea to make better outfit choices!

Here are my top 5 comfy dressing tips:

1. It’s all about fabric. Cotton and linen are breathable in summer. Natural fibers in winter are also important. Acrylics can be mixed in but the item should be made of predominantly natural fibers.

model Brana Dane in Southampton Patio enclosed coffee drinking

2. Stretch! Related to point number one, choose items that have a little spandex added to the mix in order to maintain a full range of motion. This also has the added benefit of being body-hugging and a little sexy! What could be better than looking and feeling goood?

model Brana Dane wearing a floral cotton and spandex dress in front of the fireplace

3. Stacked or blocked heels. Yes, heels can do great things for your legs, but only if they’re not too high. Choose a trendy block heel to maintain your balance and comfort all night long. Or go trendy with some white sneakers or a pair of edgy mules.

Two blonde women sitting Southampton heels legs night

4. Don’t try too hard to make it work. If something fits, you’ll feel and see it right away. Don’t try to fit your body into clothes; instead find clothes that fit your body. Or get them custom tailored!

5. Be sustainable. Comfort isn’t only physical, it’s also psychological. It just feels better knowing that you’re doing good for the environment and also supporting a company in which garment workers are treated with decency and can earn at least a living wage.

Smiling model brana Dane denim skirt blonde black crop top

Let me know what I forgot in the comments below!

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