Primal Awakening at Chozen Eco Retreat

Primal Awakening at Chozen Eco Retreat

This October Primal Awakening hosted its first retreat at the Chozen property in Sebastian, Florida. Chozen Eco Retreat is a sanctuary on the banks of the St Sebastian river and nature preserve. The area is even home to a few endangered species such as the Florida panther.

Chozen Eco Retreat offers luxury eco friendly accommodations exclusively to groups looking to buyout the entire property. The property sits in the sub-tropical environment of the 22,000 acre St. Sebastian nature preserve.

Chozen eco retreat

Primal Awakening designed an extensive wellness experience to take place at the eco sanctuary, starting with yoga every morning. Luckily, coffee preceded yoga for the early risers!
Primal awakening yoga

Yoga was followed by a vegan/pescatarian breakfast made by the property’s private chef Collin. Everything tasted so good but the fruit and squash were particularly fresh and delicious!

Chozen eco retreat

This particular Primal Awakening retreat was exclusively offered to women to provide a safe atmosphere for sharing and healing.

Primal awakening retreat Chozen

There were many programs offered throughout the day including journaling, breath work, sound baths, grounding walks, meditation and various ceremonies. The theme of the retreat was getting in touch with the primal spirit within.

Sound bath Chozen The property was large and felt like it’s own little town. Upon first arriving, you were greeted by the main Villa, which includes four indoor bedrooms and a living area. Going further down the trail you came upon the dome village, then the tent village and finally the gathering tent where many of the activities took place. Thanks to the integrated harmony of the property with nature, we got to see many lizards, a brown snake and jumping fish!

Path at Chozen retreat

Attached to the villa you found a beautiful salt water pool. The weather was a balmy 80 to 85 degrees during the day and got down to the low seventies at night.

Salt water pool

Around the side of the Villa you also found a little spa area with a jacuzzi, cold plunge and infrared sauna to use during down time. Everything on the property was designed to be in harmony with the natural environment and was as eco friendly as possible, including the shampoo and soaps provided.

Cold plunge spa

I stayed in the amazing tree dome, in the dome village. Outfitted with a hammock, cloud-like bed and a little dresser, I found presents waiting for me on my arrival. A little journal, a protein bar from Sakara Life, a sustainable t-shirt from People of Leisure and a special rock as a memento. Next to my EcoDome there was an outdoor toilet and an eco-friendly outdoor sink and shower.

Eco dome

It was so nice to be greeted by the rising sun and sights of the jungle every morning.

Tree EcoDome

At night we feasted on vegan/pescatarian delights handmade by the chef. He even came out to explain all the dishes and ingredients to us every night.

Dinner table Chozen retreat

After dinner we enjoyed various ceremonies and conscious celebrations including cacao ceremonies and chanting with drums.


The Primal Awakening retreat at Chozen was entirely sober, which made it a very healthy choice. There were so many opportunities to connect with others and with nature. Furthermore, there were so many beautiful spots to discover on the property, such as this Buddha garden.


On the last day we got in touch with our most primal selves and some of us got exotic face paint for the occasion.

Face paint

Overall, the experience could be vaguely compared to Burning Man, except in a peaceful and harmonious environment with true connection, light, spirituality, safety and sobriety. Nurturing yourself correctly improves your relationship with others and yourself.

Have you ever been on a wellness retreat? Would you try it if you had the opportunity? Let me know!

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