Phoenix: The Art of Fashion 4 Development

Phoenix: The Art of Fashion 4 Development

Acclaimed fashion photographer Fadil Berisha and artist Mila Bubliy collaborated on PHOENIX, a series of photography-based artworks, which were shown at the F4D Inaugural Sustainable Banquet Goals event in NYC. The UN’s General Assembly president was in attendance, among other influential guests on October 21st 2021. The show was curated by Eleonora Quzimolli at the Pierre Hotel NYC.

This was a special sneak-peek of the collaboration; the works will be on view again in an exhibition later this year. Some themes that emerged during this collaboration were sustainability, circularity, inclusion, and reinvention.

Reflecting on Greek mythology and cyclicality, Mila wrote a haiku while Fadil selected photographs from his exclusive archive. Mila further digitally retouched these photographs and merged them with a series of her abstract paintings, with each work including a line of the initial haiku. The result was a modern take on the Sisyphean human fate.


Who cares about odds
Ever returning brave dreams
Wake me now and then

The work also featured one of Fadil’s muses, Carmen Dell Orefice. Both artists shared their perspectives on regeneration, growth, and reinvention through their work and thusly PHOENIX was born.

The artists themselves have very interesting backgrounds. Fadil is an international fashion photographer with a career spanning three decades. In fact, he was once the official photographer for Miss USA, Miss Universe and Rolex. He is known for supporting and paving the way for young and emerging talents to thrive. As a renowned artist who loves giving back, Fadil has also had a prolific career as a philanthropist, humanitarian, creative director and editor. Mila Bubliy is a young contemporary artist who has already had exhibitions at Weltkulturen Museum Frankfurt (DE), Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts (KYG) and Museum of Waste in Changsa (CHN). She is inspired by perception – on an individual and meta-level. She is both a painter and a publisher of bestselling Haiku poems. She uses her poems as messages in her art.

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