Non-Toxic Nails

Non-Toxic Nails

Have you ever wondered why a typical nail salon smells so strongly of chemicals? The answer is simple: nail polish usually contains lots of harmful chemicals! Many of the common ingredients used are carcinogenic, such as formaldehyde.

I would encourage you to limit the number of harmful chemicals that you apply to your body because they are absorbed and over time they can build up in the body and disrupt the endocrine system and hormonal system.

Did you know that men have never had lower testosterone levels? In my mind, this is due to the pervasiveness of phytoestrogens in our food supply and self-care products. The same chemicals causing low testosterone (and the problems that result), are causing women to experience worse periods and other hormonal issues.

But what are we to do? It’s never fun to be denied. I say find alternatives and work-arounds! What is the safest brand of nail polish?

I love sundays nail polish because it’s non-toxic and the colors are classy while being modern. You don’t have to compromise. They do take a little bit longer to dry but I believe my health is worth it. How about you?

I recently had a very relaxing time in the studio with my friend Elena. We both got the signature mani/pedi.

The manicure is always amazing (hand massages are my favorite)!

I loved the sugar scrub and foot massage!

If you want to try a healthier polish use my code BRANADANE for a discount on any online order at sundays. My favorite manicure color is #2. What’s yours?


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  1. future100100 says:

    You have such gorgeous hands and feet! Wow! So elegant always!

  2. future100100 says:

    This is awesome nail polish! Thank you for your amazing sponsors and recommendations. We try them and love them!

  3. future100100 says:

    Awesome article!!! So GORGEOUS and HEALTHY! Thanks so much for writing an article about looking beautiful without compromising your health! You are brilliant. I will have o check out this brand for gifts!

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