Natural Nuance Sustainable Bags

Natural Nuance Sustainable Bags

What is true luxury? Is it a Chanel tweed suit? Is it a bright red Ferrari? Or is it possible there’s more to the story than just advertising, labels and image?

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It’s so important to look behind the label of the brand to really know what they stand for – you’d be surprised! I always want to know that the clothes and accessories I wear are made by craftspeople who are treated fairly. I also want to know that nature is being treated kindly in the production process as well.

This is why I’m so excited to be an Ambassador for Natural Nuance.

Model Brana Dane Natural Nuance Bag

Natural Nuance takes their commitment to circularity seriously. It’s so refreshing! In fact, their bags are made using vegetably tanned leather. What does this mean? Well, typically leather is tanned using chromium which has a highly negative impact on the environment. By contrast, tanning leather vegetably (by using plant-based tanning agents like those from the mimosa tree, tara tree and valonia) has a much better impact on our environment overall. Tanning the leather this way also makes the bags sooo soft to the touch!

Of course, these bags are made of ethically sourced natural materials. Moreover, they’re also handmade by small European artisans using circular design principles to ensure their longevity and the possibility of re-purposing. When so many items nowadays are made with planned obsolescence in mind, this is a truly awesome story.

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Fashion is about self-expression, decorum and communication. What are you trying to communicate? 🤷‍♀️ Everything we do communicates something. Would you prefer to show off the label of (major) brands who do nothing but pollute our Earth and exploit their workers? Or would you prefer to wear high quality and beautiful items crafted with integrity? Which do you think is more fashionable? For me, the choice is clear. Whenever possible I support brands who are making a difference simply by doing business transparently and responsibly.

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    Absolutely true! What an awesome inspiring article! A fabulous ambassador for a great brans, it sounds like!!! Absolutely adore every article you write. Your fans can tell you are a poet and a writer and have been published multiple times. You are so impressive a real icon for us to look up to!!!

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