Do Numbers Matter?

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Do Numbers Matter?

Fashion has always been a large influence in human culture and the lives of people. It is often said that fashion is a never-ending journey, and we all demonstrate something about ourselves by what we wear. However, many people today are obsessed with image and celebrity culture and therefore forget what’s truly important. It may seem like a good thing to choose choose whatever wardrobe suits your taste, but it can also be an issue if you don’t have the popular body type.

Although fashion is constantly in flux, some things are eternal, such as how men and women dress up to look more attractive. In years past, women used to cover themselves with many layers of expensive cloth to impress those around them. Today, styles for women are more about your figure and less about your wealth. The problem comes when women become overly preoccupied with how they look in their clothes. Furthermore, it’s absurd to worry about the size tag. Women keep trying new trends and different styles to stand out, but think of their own body as an enemy. What does body positivity look like?

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Women tend to ignore their reality because of what society says about beauty standards. This only causes them problems, especially when it comes to fitting themselves into clothes since most stores do not carry plus sizes. Almost half of people in this world are overweight (Jain), but this isn’t necessarily reflected in the market.

Why Should You Never Try To Fit Your Body into Clothes:

1 The average woman’s waist size has increased by 2.5 inches since the 1950s, and there’s no end in sight to the upward trend, according to a new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri.
2 It seems we are moving towards an hourglass figure instead of the less curvaceous look popular during the Sixties and Seventies.
3 Properly fitted clothes are the most flattering. Wearing items that are either too big or too small will create an odd visual effect.
4 Choose styles that compliment your best assets and draw the eye away from any problem areas. For curvy women, always choose items that draw in at the waist.
5 These days, our jeans are getting skinnier and skinnier, but this may even be causing us more anxiety about our weight and shape. Choose a wider leg denim pant in a dark wash – based on your body type.
6 Remember, you can’t change your body type; your genes made you the way you are. Just make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet and get plenty of exercises to keep you healthy and happy for life.

Wrapping Up!

Fashion is fun, but it should never come at the expense of your health. If clothes are too small for you, it can have many harmful effects on your body. Therefore, women must learn to accept their bodies and try to dress up in a way that will make them happy regardless of what number is on their clothing. This is the age of body positivity.
As you can see, there are many reasons not to try to fit your body into clothes. Clothes are meant to fit you!

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