Growth & Spirituality Resources

Growth & Spirituality Resources

We study for years and years in order to understand the natural world and human languages such as English or mathematics but we rarely take the time to search out the information we need in order to be more fulfilled in our lives. In order to function at our highest levels both interpersonally and intrapersonally, we must study and practice. Only by getting to know ourselves and also how we relate with others can we transcend our prior limitations.

Of course we always need to use our own judgment when evaluating information and especially advice. Even if you agree with 90% of the content someone produces, that doesn’t mean that the remaining 10% could not be harmful without your own discernment.

Finally, what is personal growth? It’s essentially improving your mindset so that you’re able to more effortlessly meet your own needs and goals while hopefully improving the lives of others as well. Here are some of my top growth and spirituality oriented resources:

1. Attachment Theory YouTube Channel: Although this seems primarily relationship focused at first, you quickly begin to realize it’s actually about improving your relationship to yourself and how that subsequently will improve your significant relationships. Some of the behaviors and thought processes described on the videos are uncannily accurate. It provides great insight into human psychology and helps us to transcend our own familial or trauma conditioning. Watch a video about storytelling, needs and anxiety.

Logical and informative personal growth tools are so vital to incorporate into a spiritual life; lest we become victim to our own spiritual bypassing.

2. Al Turtle Website: the linked page talks about noticing and proactively making a list of things to do that make your partner feel safe, such as making them a cup of tea or saying a phrase often that they seem to respond to positively. It’s very simple and practical advice from a place of great sincerity and depth. I really admire Al’s commitment to his relationship and it’s rare to see that in NYC.

Of course, the quality of our relationships greatly effects our future personal growth and spirituality as well.

3. Practicing Kundalini Yoga: This is a great way to get energy blockages moving again and to also get rid of stored emotions in the body; much like some forms of talk therapy. The difference with Kundalini Yoga is that it also enhances your spiritual awareness. Although it’s technically yoga; it would be better thought of as an active form of meditation.

What a great resource for both spirituality and personal growth. This is a particularly useful practice for those of us who have undergone a spontaneous kundalini awakening.

Brana Dane What is meant by personal growth

Do you have any other resources or practices you find beneficial for personal growth or spirituality? Please comment and let me know!

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