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WLRN News at Art Basel Miami

Brana was interviewed (clip starting at 2:29) by local NPR partner WLRN News on Dec 1, 2022 for her work as living art at Art Basel Miami in collaboration with artist Michael Seri. A shorter clip by journalist Veronica Zaragovia aired nationally on NPR as well.

Models Self-Love Video

Take it from these five models who have been around the block. They share some of their favorite self love regimens that they make time for in the midst of their hectic career. (Because let’s face it, when your job revolves around other’s judgements on your outward appearance, you’ve seen some shit).

“You learn to look at your image and your body in a very clinical and cold way,” says Brana Dane, and “it becomes very difficult to take all of that criticism, especially if you don’t have ways to appreciate yourself,” says Kyle Kellogg.

SRF News Documentary

“Brana Dane, a model from New York who campaigns for the rights of models, like Jazz and Rebekka, holds the agencies responsible: they should better protect their models from such offers.”

Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks

Supermodel and activist Brana Dane, model and technology expert Sinead Bovell, influencer Lais Ribeiro, designer Nicole Miller, entrepreneurs and designers Ozwald Boateng and Bibhu Mohapatra, are just some of who participated in the most awaited international event on fashion and technology.

Host of Impact NYFW

Brana was the Special Guest and Host of Imapct NYFW which featured all sustainable designers. Fashion Manuscript Magazine covered the event.

Official Earth Day Speaker

Brana was one of four featured keynote speakers at the official NYC Earth Day 2019 Rally in Union Square.