Whenever I Wake Up, Whenever I Put on Makeup

Whenever I Wake Up, Whenever I Put on Makeup

Starting the day off right is so important. If you sleep on the wrong side of the bed it could ruin your entire day (as the saying goes)! But what are the elements that create a great morning experience? Below you will find some suggestions to add to your personal morning routine. Simply choose what makes you happy and do the things you like. For example, don’t drink coffee if you prefer pure green tea & hot chocolate in the morning. Don’t exercise if you feel like it will drain you for the rest of your day.

Some suggestions:

1. Wake up early. Maybe you have a delayed sleep cycle but there are numerous physical and mental health benefits to creating a good sleep routine and practicing proper sleep hygiene. Don’t rely on drugs and alcohol to alter your mood when the answer could be as simple as taking care of your basic biological needs. A good sleep and waking routine has a positive impact on your day. How early is up to you, just make sure it’s actually in the AM and be consistent.

2. Drink water as soon as you wake up and while you’re still in bed. This will boost your energy as we often become dehydrated overnight. This will also help with digestion, especially if you add a little bit of lemon juice.

3. Personal time is a must upon awakening. Choose between using your phone or not. Maybe you like to look through Pinterest inspiration boards before starting your day, or maybe you like to check on the weather and other mundane items. You could also have 30 minute technology break and read a book or meditate. As long as you take a few minutes of personal time before answering text messages or emails, you’re ahead of the curve.

4. What to eat? Do you like cooking a fancy breakfast in the morning? How about a cup of green tea with a fruit bar? Parfait (no pun intended)! What about a latte and a fruit bowl? Anything tasty and healthy is great. The main point is to actually eat breakfast as your blood sugar drops rapidly in the morning, even when you’re not feeling hungry.

5. Get outside! Breathe in some fresh air. So easy to achieve yet so important. Sunlight has blue rays which gets rid of the grogginess we feel due to left over melatonin and other sleep hormones in our brain from overnight. Open a window, go outside or hop on your terrace for least for 10 minutes every morning. It quite literally clears your mind.

6. Have a few minutes of “loved ones time”. Anything that makes you feel happy and whole is great but what is life without others to share our joy? It’s really important to devote time everyday to making sure those we care for know that they can rely on us. Send a couple people a picture or a sweet note and at the very least reply to any inquiries from friends and family during this time.

7. Practice good hygiene. Perhaps this means a shower, perhaps a long bath or maybe a just a meager sponge bath at the sink. It’s up to you. Just make sure you feel clean and ready to face the day.

8. Write down or mentally take note of your to-do list. After your more relaxed activities you can start to ease into productivity mode. It’s important to do this in the morning, as doing this at nighttime can interfere with sleep and therefore your mental and physical health. If you find yourself ruminating at night simply keep a running physical list and not a mental list and only add to it before 7 or 8pm in the evening.

9. Songs and robes go together like whipped and cream. If you really want to get pumped up for your day put on your motivation playlist and start dancing.

What is the healthiest morning routine? You decide!

Those are my 9 tips to make your every morning happy while helping to lead you into a smooth and beautiful day.

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