Interview with Infeed

Indian news source Infeed interviews Brana Dane about her favorite modeling moments, modeling for the Bollywood “Oscars”, and more.

Swedish Massage in NYC

Three Swedish massage techniques to look for at a salon or to try at home.

Fall Hair Transformation with Rusk

A women’s hair is her crowning glory! A new cut or color can completely change the way you and others look at yourself.

Fall Recipe: Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Make these fall treats in under 20 minutes and in five easy steps.

Attachment Styles Part 3: Anxious Preoccupied

I decided to highlight this particular attachment style because I think it’s quite helpful to understand how someone’s need for reassurance can shape their overall attitudes and behavior.

Attachment Styles Part 2: Dismissive Avoidant

I decided to highlight this particular attachment style since it gets a really bad rap online. People call these folks heartless, cold and hopeless. I think it is important to understand without judgment because it’s the only way to make a truly accurate assessment. Even securely attached people can have dismissive avoidant behaviors and traits, …

Simply Comfortable Summer Outfits

“It’s all about fabric. Cotton and linen are breathable in summer. Natural fibers in winter are also important.”

Thrive Global Interview

“ The most meaningful experiences are when I get to connect to others through my work. For example, I was able to meet Rushan Abbas, a leading voice in defense of Uyghur’s human rights. I met her during NYFW when I collaborated with several different groups to protest the use of Uyghur forced labor in producing garments. I was very happy that the protest and story ended up in Marie Claire and other major news outlets. Shortly thereafter, the US passed the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.”

Is Clean Beauty Just a Marketing Trick?

Companies use many marketing tricks to convince people to buy certain products. To help you make the right purchasing decisions focus on your skin needs first. Also, do your research on what ingredients are scientifically proven, beneficial, and safe.

Packing Light: Out East (Hamptons Getaway)

Summer is the time to head out east to the beach. The Hamptons weather is never predictable and it’s a challenge to pack light for the jitney or train ride. So you may be asking, “what should I pack for the Hamptons?” Here are my tips for a comfortable trip: 1. Multitask. Only bring items …