Live Painting at the Tribeca Art Factory as seen on PIX 11

It’s colorful! “It really inspires me,” one guest said. It’s creative! “It’s really fascinating to see the artist in action” another smiled. It’s collaborative! “It’s really cool because you don’t know what’s going to happen next,” a guest said. And it all happens live, Fridays at Tribeca Art Factory.   See more on PIX 11

An Evening with the Crown Prince of Italy by Brana Dane (YRB)

The VIP preview was a family reunion including many nobles with the House of Savoia, such as Marcello Tallarigo. Even a few Knights showed up, including Nicola Tegoni, a prominent member of the order of the Knights of Malta. Read more at YRB

Interview of Mark Kostabi for Beautiful Savage

Pop-Surrealist artist Mark Kostabi talks art and controversy. One of the best known artists of the last quarter century, a “pop-surrealist” as he would prefer to be called, Mark Kostabi is no stranger to controversy. Forever connected in the zeitgeist to Andy Warhol, the images we have grown up with have been informed by his …

Featured alongside actress Jemima Kirke in Refinery29

Lady in red Jemima Kirke sports a stunner by one of last night’s winners, Rosie Assoulin, as she poses alongside model Brana Dane. Read more

My interview with Tutan Reyes Beyond the Boroughs (YRB)

YRB: So, what do you attribute your twitter success to, compared with other NFL stars? Tutan Reyes:  I don’t know. I guess just being a former athlete, and of course, the nonprofit sector with Beyond the Boroughs.What I’m doing now has opened up so many doors for me. I have a broad reach in terms of my followers …