Healthy Substitutes for Fall Recipes

Everyone wants to eat healthier but no one wants to sacrifice taste. There are simple tricks to make any recipe or sweet treat 🍬 healthier.

Attachment Styles Part 4: Fearful Avoidant

The fearful avoidant is gifted in ways that others are not; they are highly perceptive and capable of great change.

“Summer Rain” Published by Rogue Scholars Press

Brana wrote a poem inspired by complex feelings of hope and relational anxiety that was published by Rogue Scholars Press in the paperback poetry anthology, “Before the Clouds, the Sun”.

Postcards from the Edge

Brana lent her artwork for the 20th anniversary of ”Postcards from the Edge”, hosted by Visual AIDS at Gallery 524 on January 19-21, 2018.

”Blank Walls” Published by Rogue Scholars Press

Read the poem inspired by spirituality and kundalini awakening; it was published by Rogue Scholars Press in the paperback, “Before the Dawn”.

Poetry Published in Mental Movement Magazine

Poem by Brana Dane inspired by the pandemic, published in Mental Movement Magazine.

Interview with Infeed

Indian news source Infeed interviews Brana Dane about her favorite modeling moments, modeling for the Bollywood “Oscars”, and more.

Swedish Massage in NYC

Three Swedish massage techniques to look for at a salon or to try at home.

Fall Hair Transformation with Rusk

A women’s hair is her crowning glory! A new cut or color can completely change the way you and others look at yourself.

Fall Recipe: Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Make these fall treats in under 20 minutes and in five easy steps.