How to Make Perfume at Home

How to Make Perfume at Home

Don’t laugh, but modern perfume goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and the god Nefertum, who was said to be a beautiful young man with the scent of white roses always wafting around him.

We have come a long way since then, and now perfume is a daily essential for many women. How a perfume smells varies depending on its interaction with the wearer’s body chemistry.

Perfume is a very complex composition of top notes, heart notes and base notes. The top notes are the most delicate and typically do not last very long. Top notes include lavender, rose and most florals. Middle notes tend to be herbal or spicy. These last longer than the top notes but you will be able to smell the base notes the longest. Base notes are usually composed from wood, amber, vanilla or musk.

To make your own perfume, all you need is some essential oils, a bottle, alcohol, and a carrier oil. A good rule of thumb is to balance the top notes and the base notes with the middle notes in a 3:5:2 ratio.

Start with this basic recipe:

2 tbsps carrier oil (like jojoba or sweet almond oil)
6 tbsps 100-proof alcohol
2.5 tbsps bottled water
30 drops essential oils (9 drops top notes, 15 drops middle notes, 6 drops base notes)

Simply combine all the ingredients except the water in the bottle, let it sit for a few days in a dark place (the longer the stronger the scent), then top it off with the water. Et Voìla! Parfait parfume.

In a pinch, you could even try using unscented hand sanitizer in place of the alcohol, as glycerin is a beneficial ingredient that will also make the perfume last longer.

Keep in mind:
Perfume is activated by heat so choose to apply it on your main pulse points such as your neck or your wrists. A useful trick is to apply a small amount to your scalp as it will last longer and be released with the constant movement of your hair.


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