Fall Hair Transformation with Rusk

Fall Hair Transformation with Rusk

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory! A new cut or color can completely change the way you and others look at you. I remember when I first went blonde I immediately noticed a change in the way strangers treated me. Somehow I had become more approachable!

We also tend to change up our look after a traumatic life event or any big change in our lives. It’s symbolic of starting anew. In fact, in many cultures hair is considered to store old emotional baggage and cutting it is a way to lighten our load, not just physically, but also mentally!

I was very excited to be selected to model for Rusk hair care for their educational program which was broadcast to over 20k people live. Rusk is great because it’s known for deeply conditioning and also being cruelty-free.

The look took me from blonde highlights to a mid-level bronze color using balayage highlights and a color gloss.

I love how it brings out the orangey warmth in the center of my green/hazel eyes, but I do think it’s a little too close to my skin tone. I was expecting it to be a little bit lighter, but the good thing about gloss is that it does fade quite quickly with washing. Hopefully I will soon achieve the light golden blonde I was hoping for.

I feel like it’s a great start to fall and reminds me of a pumpkin spice latte! I hope to achieve a slightly “milkier” latte, if you will, by washing my tresses with clarifying shampoo and doing hot-oil treatments. These two strategies will strip the color gloss a little and hopefully lighten it up.

Lastly, I absolutely loved the cut. Just a trim and one very long invisible layer to add a little movement. Let me know what hair transformation you’re dreaming up for fall!

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    So gorgeous! You can wear any color and look so strikingly beautiful!! That’s amazing instructions about hair. fusk seems like a great company because you represent it so well!. You know everything!!!! You are the total package!

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