Earth Day 2021: 6 Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably

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Earth Day 2021: 6 Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably

In honor of Earth Day 2021 I am sharing a few simple ways to live more in tune with Mother Nature.

Let’s get started!

1. Minimize Consumption of Animal Products

Besides the ethics of how livestock is raised, eating meat and poultry also has an immense impact on the environment. Cattle and livestock use obscene amounts of water, energy and land while producing harmful gases. Limiting your consumption of meat is an easy way to live healthier and more environmentally friendly.

2. Eat Local Produce
Locally sourced food supplies reduce the amount of wasted energy used in transportation. Foods are often coming from thousands of miles away! Eating locally means that your food will also be fresher and more nutritious. It also supports the local farmers! This is such a delicious way to reduce your carbon footprint. Don’t make your food fly in from China! Eat healthy and local!

3. Use Public Transportation

On short journeys why not ditch the car in favour of walking or cycling? You can also carpool with a colleague to get to work or use public transportation to lower your carbon emissions and harmful air pollution. Walking is my favorite as it’s a safe and efficient way to get to your destination while also keeping fit!

4. Use Re-usables

Single-use plastics are filling up our landfills at an alarming rate. We should replace this disposal culture immediately! Don’t opt for a plastic water bottle; invest in a reusable water bottle. Another great way to reduce waste is to use a portable coffee cup. Replace plastic bags with a canvas reusable bag. Many markets will even reward you for bringing your own bag!

5. Compost & Recycle

This is probably the most basic tip I have for you, but it’s so important. You would think that by throwing out biological waste it would be able to naturally degrade, but because of the way the landfills are made it actually isn’t able to naturally recycle into the Earth. This is why composting is so great.

By recycling, you reduce trash and conserve natural resources! It also protects ecosystems and wildlife because it reduces the need to grow, harvest, and extract raw materials from the earth.

6. Conserve Water

We waste so much water without realizing it! When we let the faucet run while brushing our teeth or doing the dishes… It adds up and taxes the Earth due to the water treatment process. You can conserve water throughout your day by being considerate of the amount of water you are using unnecessarily.

I hope these tips & tricks inspire you to have a wonderful and sustainable Earth Day 2021. What is one way you have committed to sustainability? Let me know your strategies in the comments.


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  1. future100100 says:

    Awesome post about eating and buying locally! If they could stop spraying nano aluminum, strontium and barium in the US Strategic Aerosol Injection program that would be amazing for the earth and its animals, ecosystems and human health! You are a true leader!!!

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