Why you’re Lame for Leaving Facebook (and Staying on Instagram)

Why you’re Lame for Leaving Facebook (and Staying on Instagram)

First of all, I apologize for the title of this post. It’s humorous. Secondly, I’m very serious. Why would you leave Facebook and stay on Instagram? I completely understand concerns over privacy or censorship. These problems are highly relevant to both apps; it’s no wonder because they’re owned by the same parent company. I’m talking about those certain individuals who think they’re setting (read: following) a trend by dropping Facebook. Wow! They’re so cool!

Let me explain a few reasons, in my humble opinion, it’s worthwhile to keep Facebook (if you’re keeping handsome devil – no pun intended – Mark Zuckerburg in your life anyway).

Instagram is an amazing tool for networking in certain industries such as fashion or other creative professions, but Facebook clearly has more utility for organizing get-togethers, sharing links, and staying in touch with friends.

Either app is equally good for posting hot pics, bragging about your latest vacation or even updating us on your meals via stories! Let me point out the advantages of being able to include a clickable link alongside those hot pics… What if you were featured in an article online? It would be super nice to be able to brag with the corresponding link directly in that same post.

Model Brana Dane holding apple
look how hot my apple is

Why can’t I just be on Facebook and not Instagram?Network for the job you want, not the job you have. Outside select industries, Facebook actually reigns supreme for networking. There’s the benefit of group pages, but also Facebook has retained the older generation. Expand your circle; it could help.

If you want to avoid your relatives, I get it. Otherwise, Facebook is great for finding old connections and seeing mutual friends. You can observe the different circles that people generally belong to and where they overlap. It’s interesting data at the very least!

Why then is it a badge of honor for the average person to drop Facebook? Why proudly denounce Facebook when the company has been ruining Instagram for the past several years already?

Please tell me, I would like to know.

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