Pildora Editorial

Pildora Editorial

In September we shot an inspiring editorial with Brana Dane titled “Can We Be As One.”

Brana Dane is known in New York City for her role as a model and activist. As one of the first Pildora Pioneers, our conscious influencer program, Brana takes the traditional fashion industry by storm. She promotes both ethical and sustainable standards with her different media platforms. Brana is a true believer in mindfulness, she explained, “learning is my religion, not jumping ahead, but really sitting through your thoughts, feelings, and experience while allowing yourself to be where you are.” Rooted in Canada, Brana was raised in an environment surrounded by nature and to her sustainability means “a circular system of regeneration just like the balance nature inherently provides itself.” Continue reading…


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  1. Jonathan Witting says:

    So stunning and remarkable as always! A real hero and role model to youth everywhere! Just totally adore Brana and follow her on every medium!!!! Looking forward to NY Fashion Week again for runway and her hosting interviews on Amazon Fashion Network! We are an integral part of her millions of fans- fan club members!!! Way to go Brana! Looking forward to your next editorial!-910-891

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