Inspiring Instagram Filters

Inspiring Instagram Filters

Instagram filters have gotten a bad rap due to misuse, but really they can be a fun way to spice up your feed and give yourself a little boost when you need it! My advice would be to keep filters to your stories and not post on your main feed for a more professional approach. At this point you may be wondering, “what filters do Instagrammers use?”

I love to use a skin smoothing filter when I have a clean face and no makeup as a way to let my skin rest while also rocking a natural look, irl.

The second way I love to use filters is to support a great cause!

Here are my top 5 most inspiring Instagram filters:

1. Most Environmentally Friendly: “eco earth angel

Created by yours truly, this filter is a classy way to let your audience know when you’re being kind to the environment. So important!

2. Most Timely: “stop Asian hate

This filter is a great and easy way to draw attention to the topic.

3. Most Colorful: “pride

This filter is great to use in June for Pride!

4. Most Positive: “daily affirmation

This filter will give you a daily affirmation after you touch the screen! Post and inspire others to use your affirmation.

5. Most Romantic: “warm heart of Italy

Not a beauty filter, just a floating heart inspired by tenacious Italy!

Let me know in the comments how you use filters and how you get inspiration!


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    Your entrepreneurial success is remarkable! Love your website! You are stunning! I can see you are helping others to look better too! You are awesome and so talented! Love it!

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