Feminine Health is Human Health

Feminine Health is Human Health

Let’s talk about feminine health.

There’s a bizarre taboo in our society around discussing the female body, even amongst women. I would like to change this! We can empower each other by openly discussing those issues which are uniquely female.

How many times have you heard a pregnant woman complain that nobody told her (not even her mother) about certain aspects of pregnancy? How many times have you heard a menopausal woman complaining about symptoms that even her doctors can’t explain?

I know much more about prostate health than I really need to, yet even I am unclear on the exact working of my own equipment! Let’s bring this discussion to our daily lives. Through the normalization of the female system we can create a more beautiful society for all.

Let’s start with UTIs. Around 50 percent of women will get at least one infection in her lifetime. Caused by microbes moving up the urethra into the bladder, women are far more likely to experience this type of infection due to a shorter urethra. Certain probiotics taken internally and externally can be helpful in reducing the frequency of infection for those who get frequent recurrence. NeuEve has supportive suppositories that help keep a healthy flora and protect against the overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

Another issue many women face as they age is vaginal dryness. Within a few years of menopause, around half of women report some vaginal atrophy due to the drastic loss of estrogen. This may make sex less enjoyable and possibly even painful! Estrogen replacement therapy comes with its own risks, such as stroke and blood clot. There are alternative, more local, treatments available. NeuEve has an extensive line aimed at naturally enhancing the youthfulness down there without the risky side effects of medical therapy.

During pregnancy, many women experience drastic changes in their bodies. The vagina is no exception. Without a doubt, pregnant women will experience changes in vaginal PH which puts them at greater risk of infections. Of course, you want to be sure any product you use during this time is as safe and natural as possible. NeuEve BV suppositories are a good option due to their completely natural ingredients.

NeuEve Cream does not contain any synthetic chemicals, hormones, drugs, herbs (such as black cohosh and wild yam), yeasts, bacteria, animal byproducts, petroleum products, artificial color, artificial fragrance, or preservatives such as parabens. I feel very comfortable posting about this product because of its quality.

I hope you will continue this discussion as these are just some of the very interesting changes the female body will go through during her lifespan. Women bring life to the world so feminine health is human health. It’s up to you to continue talking and sharing your own insights and experiences!

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