How to do a Self-Tape for Models

How to do a Self-Tape for Models

Self-tape casting has become increasingly popular in the modeling industry, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is primarily for two reasons. Firstly, it’s immensely cheaper to outsource the casting process to the talent. Secondly, if you have no time or space constraints with your staff or studio space for an in-person casting you can ask for as many different options as you want without much vetting before hand. With more casting directors and agencies turning to virtual auditions, it’s important for models to know how to create a high-quality self-tape in order to stand out from the thousands of submissions. In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in creating a successful self-tape casting for modeling.

How to do a Self-tape for Models
Step 1: Get the right equipment!

To create a professional-looking self-tape, you’ll need the right equipment. You’ll need a good quality camera or smartphone with a high-resolution camera, a tripod, and good lighting. Invest in a ring light or a softbox to ensure even lighting across your face and body. A solid-colored background, such as a white or gray wall, is also essential. Be forewarned that although the casting process has changed, it’s still required to shoot in horizontal framing 90% of the time.

Step 2: Prepare your space!

Choose a quiet room with no distractions or noise, and ensure that your background is clean and uncluttered. Remove any distractions or items that might draw attention away from you, such as posters or photographs on the wall. This undoubtedly gives the advantage to models living outside of the expensive city-centers or models who live ultra-luxurious lifestyles who have the space to shoot in a picture perfect well-lit room with natural light. For this reason, some models have chosen to buy large and expensive lighting sets with a backdrop to use whenever they receive a self-tape request.

Step 3: Dress appropriately!

Dress in a way that showcases your modeling skills and is appropriate for the casting you’re applying for. Avoid wearing anything too distracting or busy, as this can take attention away from your modeling abilities. If nothing else is indicated, go with the classic black on black or jeans. Make sure your outfit is fitted enough that you can see your body shape. Keep makeup simple and natural looking.

Step 4: Memorize the instructions!

If the casting requires you to deliver a specific script or lines, be sure to memorize them beforehand. Practice your lines and movements in front of the camera until you feel confident and natural.

Step 5: Start to film!

Place the camera on the tripod, ensuring that it is level and pointing directly at you. Position yourself in front of the camera with the background behind you, and adjust the lighting until it is even across your face and body. Speak clearly and confidently, and showcase your modeling skills to the best of your ability. Be sure to follow any instructions given by the casting director, such as how long the audition should be or what specific poses to perform.

Step 6: Edit and review!

Once you’ve finished recording, review your self-tape and edit it if necessary. Cut out any mistakes or irrelevant footage, and ensure that the video is of high quality and easy to view. iMovie is a great and simple editing tool to combine multiple clips. Make sure you smile for a few seconds after your slate.

Step 7: Submit!

Submit your self-tape according to the instructions given by the casting director or agency. Be sure to include any necessary information, such as your name, contact details, and agency representation. Recently casting directors are allowing you to directly upload your files to their Dropbox or Google Drive account.

In conclusion, self-tape casting for modeling is an essential skill for any model looking to succeed in the industry. By following these steps and investing in the right equipment, you can create a high-quality self-tape that showcases your modeling abilities and catches the attention of casting directors and agencies.



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